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  • I see myself as a beginner, is this retreat right for me?"
    Songwriters of all abilities are welcome to attend a SongSeeds Songwriting Retreat. We encourage emerging writers to experience a collaborative space and be encouraged by the peer support and opportunities for development. Songwriters of all abilities have the potential to develop new skills in a retreat environment.
  • In the residential retreat, will I have to share a room?
    Yes. Most of our rooms will be twins with a few doubles which will be used for couples or single people. We make sure to place you with someone you are comfortable sharing with.
  • I would like to join the retreat, however I may not be available every day. Can I still attend?"
    We understand that schedules and circumstances change. We will prioritise those who can attend the full residential retreat during the application process in order to utilise the space appropriately. However, once your place is confirmed we will work to help you enjoy all of SongSeeds tasks and activities if you unfortunately cannot attend a particular day. We will also give you the option of cancelling or transferring your place. Our full cancellation policy can be found on your confirmation letter.
  • I don’t have a lot of technical knowledge or equipment. Will this be a problem?
    The only requirements for joining a SongSeeds Online Songwriting Retreat are: A notebook A musical instrument or DAW SongSeeds can assist you with other music based technical needs you may have.

If you are considering applying for the SongSeeds Online Songwriting Retreat and would like to know more, just click on the button below and ask!

Peer driven Feedback

At SongSeeds, we believe feedback is a vital part of our development as an organisation, and your development as a songwriter. Feedback can also be tricky and can induce anxiety when asked to give or consider receiving it. We have compiled a short guide to what you can expect from feedback at SongSeeds below.

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